What Is HashMax ?

HashMax is a reliable mining rig supplier and hosting service provider based in China, offering a simple one-stop solution for bitcoin mining.

HashMax team is composed of passionate experts in cryptocurrency mining, hosting service, handling miners and maintenance, who are dedicated to helping customers to minimize the overhead costs with low-priced stable energy and maximize their mining profits with the best mining solutions in the industry.


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HashMax offers a wide range of mining machines with high quality and competitive prices from different manufacturers.




         BEST  PRICE

HashMax makes cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone! Miners are run under strict supervision by our professional tech team 24/7.

Now the all-in hosting prices are as low as 6.6¢/kWh!


                ALL-IN PRICE


                ONE-STOP SOLUTION


Benefits Of Choosing HashMax



Walled experienced and professional teams are ready to run and take care of your miners for you



Start mining immediately with a simple one-click-solution



Your mining profits will be secured by our compensation system



Variety types of facility offers you the most desirable mining experience

Mining Through Hashmax
Cheap Electricity
Industrial Electricity
Professional Tech Team Provides 24/7 Maintenance
Cooling, Ethernet, Labour, Security, VPN All Included
Partnership with Authorized Repairing Centers
We guarantee 95% uptime by using our own miners
No Import Tax / Shipping Fee
Start Mining within 7 Working Days
Mining On Your Own
Expensive Electricity
Unstable Residential Electricity
Difficulty with Maintaining 24/7
Expensive Cooling/Internet, Dealing with Loud Noise and Excessive Heat
Difficulty With Repairing Defected Miners
Loss of mining time due to system downtimes
Expensive Import (Customs) Tax / Shipping Fee
May Take Awhile To Receive Miners And Set Them Up

Because we are different

Why choose HashMax?

Unlike other companies, Hashmax platform is unique and customized according our customers desire

Comparison B**R HashMax M***C***
0 Installation / Removing Fee
One Click Solution
Physical Ownership of Miner
Hashrate / Miner Return After Contract Ends



View miners on our hosting page


Purchase miners from us or send us your miners


Pay miners fee and deposit


Receive updates about your miners’ delivery and installation status


Receive your mining profits from the pool to your wallet


Monitor your miners through our dashboard


How can we help you

Help us understand you more so we can strive to provide better at Hashmax

What are the benefits of mining with HashMax?

(1)Start mining with HashMax within 7 working days.
(2)No setup complications.
(3)Check the real-time status of miners through Dashboard.

  Low cost:
(1)Offer hosting solutions at affordable prices.
(2) No import or export tax, installation and removing fees.
(3) No expensive international shipping fee.

  Price Transparency:
(1)Hosting price is fixed during the whole contract term and it includes electricity, maintenance, cooling, Ethernet, labor, security, and basic repair.
(2)No hidden fee.

(1)The professional tech team provides 24/7 maintenance.
(2)Cooperate with authorized repairing centers of miner manufacturers.

  Profitability and security:
(1)Guarantee 95% of online rate to maximize customers’ profit.

(2)100% of the bitcoin mined go directly to customers’ wallets.
(3)Customers take 100% of ownership of the miners purchased from HashMax.

What is the minimum quantity of purchases?

HashMax does not set any limit on the number of purchases. But there will be a special deal for bulk purchase.
Please contact us by email before placing an order for more than 50 units.

What’s included in the hosting fee?

The hosting fee covers almost everything required for profitable mining:

Electricity cost


Maintenance work



Is HashMax a legit company? Can I trust HashMax?

We have been in the mining business since 2014. With our unremitting efforts, strong professionalism and great sincerity, we have gained a great deal of trust and support from customers from home and abroad.

For more information about Hashcube, please refer to Hashcube https://hashcube.co/

For more information about customer’s reviews of HashMax, please check here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/hashmax.org

We successfully held the Asia Cryptocurrency Investment Forum in 2019. To know more about the event, please click on the link below: https://www.asiacryptoinvest.com/

What is my expected profit?

The results of cryptocurrency mining highly depend on the market price and the network difficulty of the given cryptocurrencies that customers are mining. Based on a network hash rate of 99,591,245,967 GH/s and a BTC – USD exchange rate of 1 BTC = $ 8,960, here we present the estimates on mining with a piece of S17+ 73T model:


Code Estimates Computations Results
A1 Machine price (S17+ 73T 3350W) Please be noted that the machine price will change according to BTC price $1,664
B1 Monthly Income Ƀ 0.03958 × $ 8,960 $354.637
B2 Monthly Cost (12-Month Contract) 0.066$/kWh × 24h × 30days × 3.35Kw $159.192
B3 Monthly Profit B1-B2 $195.445
C1 Total Cost for One Year B2 × 12 $1,910.304
C2 Total Profit for One Year B3 × 12 $2,345.34
C3 Total Investment for One Year A1+ C1 $3,574.304
D1 Avg Annual ROI over One Year (C2 / C3) × 100% 65.62%
D2 Payback Period A1/ B3 8.5 months
D3 Resale Value in 9 months Please be noted that the resale value will change according to market $932
D4 Breakeven Period (A1-D3) / B3 3.75 months
(Note: Based on a network hash rate of 99,591,245,967 GH/s and a BTC – USD exchange rate of 1 BTC = $ 8,960)

Hashcube successfully held a forum on 28th November, 2019 at Intercontinental Bangkok, as part of Blockchain Thailand Week!


The forum was focusing on providing opportunities of high-profit investment in cryptocurrency / blockchain solutions to investors and newcomers, and delivered the current landscape and inside knowledge of cryptocurrency / blockchain market.

During the event, experts from crypto miners, crypto-exchanges, asset security, Blockchain startups, ICOs, Venture Capitals, and SEC gathered together, sharing with audiences how to get started with crypto investment in the current growing landscape of cryptocurrencies.

We also gave our audiences the scoop into getting started with mining their own bitcoin for high ROI at low costs, making it one of the best ways to invest with high growth margins.

We look forward to meeting you in the next ACIF event in 2020 and we hope to share with you together a splendid future of blockchain!

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