A Chinese Commercial Bank is Internally Testing PBoC’s Digital Currency DCEP Wallet

On the evening of April 14, Chinese community is flooded with a screenshot of the DCEP wallet which shows Agricultural bank of China is conducting internal testing of PBoC’s digital currency DCEP wallet.

On October 28, 2019, an official from Chinese government think tank said China’s central bank is expected to issue its state-endorsed digital currency first. This time, it’s more like a tranquilizer injected into people who are rebuilding after the epidemic and breathe new life to the bitcoin community that has long been discussing the epidemic, oil. The DCEP wallet app of the Agricultural Bank of China only available for people in the white list because it’s an internal beta version. From the front-end display and registration information, we can find some clues of DCEP.

This year is expected to be the year of DCEP’s application, which can be basically determined from certain news sources. For example, some listed companies are producing DCEP ATM machines, and Alipay’s recent patents on digital currency.

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