HashMax has been providing hosting service using viaBTC pool, and viaBTC has recently changed their URL from www.viabtc.com to www.viabtc.net

Dear all hosting customers,

During the previous few days, the connection to many popular mining pools was partially disconnected in some countries. Among them are viaBTC, Poolin, f2pool, Binance, BTC.com. According to the pools, the inaccessibility is manifested by incorrect DNS responses, returning either “Name or service not known”, or chaotically responding with third-party addresses (Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox) instead of mining servers. Due to this matter, some of the pool’s domain names have been changed well as some suspension of certain coin pools.

HashMax has changed watcher link URLs for hosting users. All changes were informed by our team, if you are still unable to access the URLs, please contact our support team at [email protected].

HashMax will update all hosting users regarding any changes in the future. We are receiving live support from all pools above to update our users immediately.

All pool availability situations may change frequently in the future. Therefore, HashMax can not recommend a certain pool. If you have a own prefer pool, please inform us and we will connect your miners to your prefer pool account.

Thank you for your understanding.

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