HashMax has excluded hosting services to all Antminer S17 models. 

After experiencing the high defective rate of the previous batches of Antminer S17 models in Russia, HashMax has been very strict with the testing and packing for all miners shipping to Russia. However, we have concluded that the Antminer S17 models are not suitable for long-distance shipment or even short-distance shipment.

According to all mining industry firms, the Antminer S17 models are too fragile. These specific models have been causing a lot of inconvenience to both HashMax and customers. Therefore, HashMax has decided to terminate any future hosting server for Antminer S17 models in Russia. 

Meanwhile, as we understand that the Antminer S17 models have the best ROI, HashMax will come back with a solution to provide hosting service within China for customers. Indeed, China has banned and strictly cracked down on all mining operations. However, HashMax is penetrating the grey zone of running mining operations, and making sure customers can mine with Antminer S17 models NOT LEGALLY.

To know more about the Antminer S17 models hosting service, we will keep all users updated!

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