We would like to announce to all customers that due to the increases in tariffs for the supply of electricity by Energy Supplying Organisations, we are forced to notify you of an increase in the cost of providing hosting services under the Agreement concluded with you from October 01, 2021. 

The hosting fee will be increased to $0.072 USD/kWh for all placed equipment.


Cloud mining service fees will be increased for all cloud mining contracts;

  • BTC Mining Package:

Maintenance Fee: 0.094 USD/TH/Day   Electricity Fee: 0.04USD/TH/Day

  • ETH Mining Package:

Maintenance Fee: 0.01938 USD/MH/Day   Electricity Fee: 0.0083USD/MH/Day

  • LTC Mining Package:

Maintenance Fee: 0.0011 USD/MH/Day    Electricity Fee: 0.000476USD/MH/Day


Based on the foregoing, the increased cost of providing services will be reflected in the invoice on November 01, 2021.

If you disagree with the increase in the cost of providing services, we suggest terminating the contract by mutual agreement of the parties.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Your trust and understanding will be highly appreciated. 

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