Announcement: Website Maintenance and Update July 5th, 2021 – July 20th, 2021

We would like to inform users that HashMax website will be under maintenance from July 5th, 2020 ~ July 20th, 2020 to launch several new upgrades within the platform. Please note that all services will be temporarily suspended during maintenance. Orders made before July 5th will not be affected and proceed as usual. 

Following features are the new updates that will be implemented to the platform.

  • Home Page Appearance
    • The whole homepage theme changes for a more professional appearance. 
    • Easier conversion to all services provided by HashMax
  • Miner Hosting Packages 
    • Featuring BTC mining package, ETH mining package, LTC mining package, and ZEC mining package. 
    • Permanent 5% discount on all hosting packages
    • New page for more information about HashMax hosting service.
    • Contact form for customized hosting service and inquiries. 
  • HashWorld 
    • Media platform to provide a variety of news, facts, and blockchain information to users.
    • Users will be able to subscribe to HashWorld to receive important information and mining-related analysis weekly. 
  • HashMax About Us
    • New page for HashMax Press, where users can see the press release of HashMax to follow up with the company activities
    • Company History updates will show the full history of HashMax journey since its foundation. Providing more transparency and trust to users. 
  • Customer Support Improvement 
    • Fully established FAQ deployed for users
    • Simple contact form for users to contact HashMax team directly.
    • Terms and use available for clear usage of HashMax platform. 

HashMax will come back to users with improved services.

We will keep users updated on any changes with the maintenance duration.

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