Capital Investment firm founded by HashMax, introducing CapitalMax to all investors. 

CapitalMax is an investment firm in Singapore focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain investment, by applying professional trading, capital investing and portfolio management into digital assets.

Investors are offered with 3 different funds to choose from. 

  • CapitalMax Fund Diversified High Return Portfolio 
  • The CapitalMax Fund Cryptocurrency Portfolio 
  • CapitalMax Mutual Fund

The funds above are the representative investment methods for CapitalMax, providing best return and/or guaranteed return from 3~6%. Also, CapitalMax offers customized funds that will be available for the investors. 

To know more about the basic portfolio of CapitalMax investments, please see below.

Components of the portfolio are carefully curated variations of cryptocurrencies that will also offer different investment strategies, creating diversified opportunities while minimizing risks. We will also eliminate the complications and risks that exist in the management and holding of cryptocurrency investments and assets, providing ease for investors as they begin their journey into the cryptocurrency market.

Visit to learn more about the investment firm.

If you have questions or would like to start with investment, contact [email protected] 

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