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What role does China play in Bitcoin mining?

China remains an important role in the world of bitcoin mining. First of all, it has great capability of increasing industry cohesion, thanks to its geographical location. Besides, through very cheap labor costs China is able to gain the competitive edge in the rapid manufacture of miners. The endowment of natural sources is also a […]

Will We See A New High after Bitcoin Halving as Predicted?

The Bitcoin halving will commence in May with several analysts suggesting that there will be a price surge and ignites a cryptocurrency market. Every few years, or every 210,000 mined blocks to be precise, Bitcoin undergoes a halving. A halving is where block rewards for miners get slashed from 12.5BTC to 6.25BTC. In its 11-year […]

Celebrities Who’re into Bitcoin And May Own Millions

Despite the considerable drop in the value of bitcoin over the past year, experts are predicting a new cryptocurrency boom in the near future, possibly from this year 2020. With a considerable number of public figures already investing their fortunes in cryptocurrency, more seem to be jumping on board with cryptocurrency for business ventures and […]

10 Things to Tell You 2020 Is Year of Cryptocurrency

10 things to tell you 2020 is year of cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency market have always been high risk high return but yet delicious for investors. Hence check out these 10 things telling you 2020 is the year of cryptocurrency! Don’t wait until it’s too late!   1. The Global Macro Investors Come InRay Dalio clearly laid out the [...]

The Landscape of Cryptocurrency Today and the Growth of Bitcoin in 2019

Cryptocurrency Landscape: 49% of Crypto Investors are between 18-30 years old and around 58% view Cryptocurrency as an investment.  Interesting demographic statistics by John McAfee, McAfee’s Founder and Crypto Influencer, through his Twitter of more than 774,000 followers, with more than 400,000 respondents from 9 Questions. These statistics are from last year 2018, though can be [...]

Through a Tough Year: Bitcoin Mining Proves to be Profitable

During the second half of 2018 and particularly December, the cryptocurrency market entered a brutal winter where the bear market meant that bitcoin mining was no longer profitable. The bottom formation of bitcoin started on December 15 2018 with prices in the $3,100-$3,200 USD range. The bear run lasted 16 months, leading to unproductive bitcoin [...]