HashMax is proud to announce Cloud Mining service launch! 

cloud miningCloud Mining service HashMax has launched includes BTC, ETH, and LTC mining contracts with the option of LIFETIME duration contract or 6-month duration contract. 

Unlike any other platform, HashMax has come up with a LIFETIME duration cloud mining service for users. Once upon purchasing the package and as long as you pay for the monthly maintenance fee, the mining hashrate will be permanently connected to your account. This is only possible with HashMax due to all its own miners supporting the datacenter to provide sustain and lifetime hash power to cloud mining users. 

Often users, who do not have mining experience previously, want to step into mining but are too afraid to invest in miners. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get started with mining and benefit from its return. Therefore, HashMax Cloud Mining service offers a 6-month duration contract to users who want to give it a taste to begin! 

Through the HashMax Cloud Mining service, customers do not have to be stressed about different miner models, power consumption, defects of miners, the possibility of hosted miners being turned off, or even maintaining miners by themselves. 

PURCHASE YOUR CLOUD MINING CONTRACT NOW! Simply get started by choosing the coin you would like to start mining and choose mining duration from 6-month or a lifetime.

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