A recent report released by K33 Research three days ago reveals that as of July 2023, the cryptocurrency industry boasts approximately 10,000 companies, employing an estimated 190,000 crypto professionals. Notably, K33 provides a comprehensive snapshot of the crypto landscape, highlighting that these 10,000 firms possess a collective valuation of $180 billion.


Crypto Industry Boasts 10,000 Companies and 190,000 Professionals With a Collective Valuation of $180 Billion



K33 Research released a report this week providing a “high-level overview of the crypto Industry” as of July 2023. The study was authored by K33 executives Anders Helseth, Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, Bendik Norheim Schei, and Vetle Lunde. According to the report, approximately 190,000 individuals are currently employed in the crypto industry, working for 10,000 firms with an estimated value of $180 billion.

According to K33 researchers, the number of individuals employed in the crypto industry has decreased compared to 2021, when there were approximately 211,000 crypto employees. Presently, about 30% of all crypto workers are based in the United States, while the United Kingdom accounts for one-third of crypto employment in Europe. K33’s study says in North America, the United States and Canada are the dominant forces, whereas “crypto employment in South America correlates with economy size.”

K33 study indicates around 35% of the worldwide cryptocurrency workforce is concentrated in Asia and Australia. The report highlights that in terms of the African continent and its diverse nations, “Nigeria is the crypto powerhouse of Africa.” Approximately 4% of the global crypto workforce originates from Africa, with South Africa following Nigeria’s lead. Furthermore, the study reveals that India surpasses China in crypto employment. Still, China follows India in terms of the leading countries in Asia despite China’s crypto ban.

K33’s report shows approximately one-third of the current crypto workforce is employed by brokerage services or crypto exchanges. The study further reveals that the majority of crypto jobs are in investment and trading roles. Among the total, 48,500 positions are in financial services, while the non-fungible token (NFT) and blockchain gaming sector accounts for an estimated 12,000 jobs. Approximately 40,000 jobs are centered around mining and blockchain intelligence positions, and an additional 24,800 employees have undefined roles.


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