miners delays POLICY


Dear customers,

After several problems with delays we would like to put this disclaimer online to explain the reality of our position and the mining market.

In a few lines, please note that when we have pre-orders we have orders recorded with an estimated production date. It sometimes happens, depending on the manufacturer, that we have delays times on those miners. This is due in particular to the difficulty for them to obtain and produce ASIC chips. This is why we want to warn you in advance that these concerns can happen and that we want you to understand that we are in no way responsible for them, this market is quite unbalanced and that is why we will launch with the largest distributors an association of legitimate distributors who have proven themselves over the years on the market to counterbalance the powers on the market and have a voice that carries more to better protect your assets and encourage manufacturers to work more rigorously with regard to production dates.

Once again we ask you to take this into account, and that when you place your order we will keep this desire for transparency and will be informed directly if we should have an offset on the production dates of the miners.

Thank you again for your trust.

HashMax Support Team