Against all odds, Hashmax is introducing new mining facilities in China that presents great opportunities for mining and is expected to be ready for investment by the end of this month!

It cannot be denied that 2018 has been a tough year for cryptocurrency holders, with the bearish market having little to no signs of recovering and the unstability of the prices scaring off new investors and innovation alike. But Hashmax does not view this prospect as negative, it is indeed a great opportunity for old and new customers to make game-winning profit against the bearish market. Coming soon to Hashmax are 2 brand new mining facilities that will promise lower costs of electricity and completely professional teams to take care of your valuable assets!

Sichuan Facility

The Sichuan facility was completed back in November 2018 and is conveniently located in Sichuan province in China, near Chengdu. Supplied with stable Hydro power from a nearby plant, the facility can hold up to 15,000 units of S9 Antminers. S11 & S15 miners can also be placed within the facility but will take up more capacity and space. Currently, 1,000 spots have already been reserved by for Hashmax customers. The facility uses facility grade fans to provide the best cooling for your miners, guaranteeing longevity of your asset’s lifespan. The starting price for placing an S9 Antminer in this facility is only at 51.5 US dollars/KW, our lowest price yet. This price includes everything from dedicated engineering teams to the space that the miners will be allocated to. Only 1 month electricity price deposit is required to start mining within the Sichuan facility.

Guizhou Facility

The Guizhou facility is also one not to be undermined and is expected for completion by the end of this month. Located conveniently in Kai Li City in the Guizhou province in China, the facilty is able to host up to 10,000 units of S9 Antminers supplied with incredibly stable industrial electricity from a nearby powerplant. Currently there are 2,000 spots dedicated for Hashcube and 6,000 spots that are reserved under different shareholders who share our ideals. 2,000 devoted spots are available under Hashmax reservations, both for new and existing customers. The starting price for for the Guizhou facility is only at 53 US dollars/KW including everything from industrial grade fan coolers to a commited team that values your miners over anything else. To start mining at the Guizhou facility, simply deposit a 1 month electricity fee and get your cryptocurrencies right away!

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