The over 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers can now claim free in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from popular blockchain games like Mojo Melee and Blankos Block Party (BBP).

As of August 9, reports indicate that Amazon has chosen Prime Gaming as the preferred portal to distribute NFTs, a massive endorsement of the technology and blockchain games whose activities have been plummeting in recent months.

Amazon Issuing Free In-Game NFTs

Amazon Prime subscribers can now claim a variety of NFTs, each providing distinct advantages or characters in listed games such as BBP and Mojo Melee.

Blankos Block Party, co-developed by Mythical Games and Third Kind Games, is a multiplayer game with customizable characters and immersive world-building in a unique black vinyl art style. Playable NFTs can be traded for profit in the game’s play-and-earn economy. BBP was the first web3 game to launch on Epic Stores.

Among the available NFTs, Amazon Prime members can access BBP’s Twilight Strix Blanko NFT, which “harnesses the power of the new moon against the forces of evil,” or the Midnight Crest Helmet NFT, a “legendary helm that cuts through the night air.”

Mojo Melee fans can acquire the Gwyn Rockhopper Champion & Ore Bundle NFT, representing an “enigmatic champion, known for her unpredictable magic and wily tactics.” Mojo Melee was launched in early August following a deal between Mystic Moose, a game studio, and Amazon Prime Gaming. The game features a strategic gameplay style inspired by deck-building games.

The ongoing Mojo Melee, spanning six months, pledges to provide subscribers with monthly in-game items such as Spellstones and currency packs. Additionally, the promotion includes coveted digital collectibles featuring new champions and skins. These digital collectibles are minted on Polygon and can be utilized in future Planet Mojo games or exchanged for cash in marketplaces.

Rumors Of Marketplace, Enhancing Web3 Building

The launch of Amazon NFTs for Prime Subscribers was expected, especially since rumors in March suggested that the technology company was planning on introducing NFTs linked to real-world assets. Other rumors include the platform’s plan for an NFT marketplace though nothing has been confirmed.

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Last month, the eCommerce giant added new tools to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for developers to quickly deploy decentralized apps. The new tools, “Access” and “Query,” were integrated into the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) service.



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