Ripple’s XRP has been a subject of much debate and speculation in the world of cryptocurrencies. While the ongoing legal battle tarnished XRP’s valuation, Ripple has been atop its games, forming strategic efforts to boost XRP’s price and utility.

However, prominent experts in the field are now putting forth a compelling argument that Ripple’s efforts alone may not be enough to sway the price of XRP.

Never Rely on Ripple’s Effort to Pump XRP Price, States Expert

Different notable voices and opinions within the XRP community are starting to spread caution against depending solely on Ripple’s endeavors for an XRP price increase.

In a recent tweet on the X platform, a top pro-XRP influencer, Crypto Eri, expressed her skepticism about Ripple’s effort to drive up XRP.

Crypto Eri made it clear that she relies on something other than the efforts of Ripple. According to her, Ripple’s marketing mechanism and sale strategies only contribute a small percentage to XRP’s trading volume.

Crypto Eri posted this in response to a tweet from Digital Asset Investor, who claims Ripple’s effort will drive up XRP.

XRP Community Splits on Ripple’s Role And XRP Investment

In a recent post on September 02, Digital Asset Investor shared why he believes in investing in XRP.

He pointed to statements connected to Ripple, such as the idea that XRP might become a global reserve currency. And that Ripple could replace SWIFT, a major international payment system.

Also, he suggested that XRP could act as a hedge against financial crises, hinting at the potential for Ripple to bring about significant changes in the global financial system.

However, others within the XRP community, including Crypto Eri and Bill Morgan, a lawyer and prominent XRP supporter, have a different perspective. They believe people hope to make profits based on Ripple’s actions and efforts.

In addition, Crypto Eri was surprised that investors were willing to bet their XRP holdings on Ripple’s efforts, especially after the long legal fight with the SEC. She concluded her post by remarking,

In another tweet, Crypto Eri added that XRP’s value is not dependent on Ripple, and hundreds of companies are piling up to use the token.

In her statement,

However, a community member known as BABA was not pleased with Crypto Eri’s opinion, stating that everyone bought XRP because of institutional usage. He noted that XRP is dead without Ripple.

Meanwhile, Bill Morgan posted a court doc that shows Ripple agreeing with Crypto Eri’s claims. In the shared document, Ripple states that “the value of XRP is highly reliant on retail speculation” and confidence in the XRPL technology.

So, according to these experts, investing in XRP and expecting it to grow solely because of what Ripple is doing might be a better investment decision.


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