In June 2023, the sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) experienced a decline of 4.3% compared to the previous month. The latest figures show a slide from $739.50 million recorded in May to $707.70 million in June.


NFT Sales Dip in June — Ethereum Dominates, Bitcoin Stumbles, and Bored Ape Rises



Data from reveals that NFT sales in the previous month experienced a slight decrease compared to May. In June, a total of $707.70 million in sales was recorded, with $452 million attributed to Ethereum-based NFT sales. These Ethereum NFT sales constituted over 63% of the overall sales for the month, indicating a 7.89% increase from the previous month’s ETH-based NFT sales.

Among 22 different networks, Bitcoin emerges as the second-highest blockchain in terms of sales. In June, BTC-based NFT sales amounted to $110.30 million, representing 15.60% of the total sales. However, there was a significant decline of 42.36% in Bitcoin-centric NFT sales compared to the previous month’s figures. On the other hand, Solana-based NFT sales witnessed a remarkable surge, soaring 65% higher than the previous month’s sales, reaching an impressive $70.42 million.

Completing the top five blockchains in terms of sales are Mythos and Polygon, trailing behind ETH, BTC, and SOL. However, both Mythos and Polygon experienced a decline in NFT sales during June compared to May. Mythos registered $28,322,124 in sales, representing a decrease of 19.75%, while Polygon saw sales amounting to $27,846,781, marking a significant drop of 45.91% from the previous month. Taking the lead as the highest-grossing NFT collection in June, based on 30-day sales, was Uncategorized Ordinals, raking in an impressive total of $52.91 million.

In June, Uncategorized Ordinal NFT sales witnessed a notable increase of 1.44% compared to May. Following closely behind was the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), securing the second spot with $49.76 million, up 28.20% higher than BAYC sales in May. The subsequent three leading collections after Uncategorized Ordinal NFT and BAYC NFT sales were Azuki, Azuki Elemental, and SMB Barrel Raffle. Among the top five highest-priced NFT sales in June, four out of five were BTC-based NFTs, with the exception being the NFT Fidenza #545.



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