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American Billionaire Tom Draper talking about big wave of Bitcoin buying after COVID-19

Tim Draper, one of the billionaire venture capitalists expressed his vision that world governments printing money to cushion the blow from the COVID-19 pandemic could make people flock to Bitcoin (BTC) once the dust settles, according to his new interview.      Draper expects that geographical boundaries will stop making much sense, which will spur the adoption […]

Will We See A New High after Bitcoin Halving as Predicted?

The Bitcoin halving will commence in May with several analysts suggesting that there will be a price surge and ignites a cryptocurrency market. Every few years, or every 210,000 mined blocks to be precise, Bitcoin undergoes a halving. A halving is where block rewards for miners get slashed from 12.5BTC to 6.25BTC. In its 11-year […]

ACIF 2019 Networking and Marketing Success in Thailand!

Asia Cryptocurrency Investment Forum 2019 ACIF 2019 networking and marketing success in Thailand! Asia Cryptocurrency Investment Forum 2019 or ACIF 2019, on 28th November 2019, hosted by Hashcube and Hashmax had been successfully presented as one of the biggest crypto and blockchain networking forum in Thailand, a part of Blockchain Thailand Week. Over 20 specialist speakers from top [...]

The Landscape of Cryptocurrency Today and the Growth of Bitcoin in 2019

Cryptocurrency Landscape: 49% of Crypto Investors are between 18-30 years old and around 58% view Cryptocurrency as an investment.  Interesting demographic statistics by John McAfee, McAfee’s Founder and Crypto Influencer, through his Twitter of more than 774,000 followers, with more than 400,000 respondents from 9 Questions. These statistics are from last year 2018, though can be [...]