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Hashcube Showcases At Blockchain Summit 2019 in Singapore

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Hashcube Showcases At Blockchain Summit 2019 in Singapore   Hashcube is set to showcase its groundbreaking hosting service to crypto enthusiasts in the upcoming blockchain conference in Singapore. Join us on 20th August 2019 at Blockchain Summit 2019, the leading blockchain event in Asia, as we look to showcase Hashcube and Hashmax latest miners and [...]

Through a Tough Year: Bitcoin Mining Proves to be Profitable

During the second half of 2018 and particularly December, the cryptocurrency market entered a brutal winter where the bear market meant that bitcoin mining was no longer profitable. The bottom formation of bitcoin started on December 15 2018 with prices in the $3,100-$3,200 USD range. The bear run lasted 16 months, leading to unproductive bitcoin [...]

Litecoin Rallies By More Than 183% In 2019 Amidst A Ruthless Bear Market

The year 2019 has been a brutal year for cryptocurrency holders and investors alike. The industry has witnessed significant value changes in many currencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum for example, has plunged from $19,000 to as low as $3,500 and from $1,389 to $90 respectively. One currency however, has defied all expectations and ignored the bear [...]