What is HashMax?

HashMax is a reliable mining rig supplier and hosting service provider based in China, offering a simple one-stop solution for bitcoin mining. HashMax team is composed of passionate experts in cryptocurrency mining, hosting service, handling miners and maintenance, who are dedicated to helping customers to minimize the overhead costs with low-priced stable energy and maximize their mining efforts with the best mining solutions in the industry.

Benefits Of Choosing HashMax

Comparison below shows the difference between mining your own and mining through Hashmax, and it will help you to understand the benefits of using Hashmax.

Mining Through Hashmax
Cheap Electricity
Industrial Electricity
Green Energy (Hydro)
Professional Tech Teams
24/7 Maintenance
Cooling, Ethernet, Labour, Security, VPN All Included
Partnership with Authorized Repairing Centers (Bitmain)
No Set Up Complications
No Import Tax / Shipping Fee
Start Mining within 7 Working Days
Mining Your Own
Expensive Electricity
Usually Unstable Residential Electricity
Possible Non-Green Energy
May Not Have Proper Technology and Teams
Difficulty with Maintaining 24/7
Expensive Cooling/Internet, Dealing with Loud Noise and Excessive Heat
Difficulty With Repairing Defected Miners
Will Have Set Up Complications
Expensive Import (Customs) Tax / Shipping Fee
May Take Awhile To Receive Miners And Set Them Up

Because we are different

Why choose HashMax?

Hashmax is also a 'miner' just like you. This eventually led us to a better understanding of our customers wants and needs. As an outcome, Hashmax came up with a solution combining advantages of both cloud mining and hosting service to provide the best mining experience to our customers.

Unlike other companies, Hashmax platform is unique and customized according our customers desire





0 Installation / Removing Fee
One Click Solution
Physical Ownership of Miner
Hashrate / Miner Return After Contract Ends